Accreditation Test

Petroleum and Petroleum ProductsAsh ContentASTM D482-91
Ash (Sulfated)ASTM D874-92
Carbon Residue (Conradson Method)ASTM D189-88
Carbon Residue ( MCRT Method)ASTM D4530-93
Cetane Index (by Calculation)ASTM 976-91
Cloud Point (Transparent Liquid)ASTM D2500-91
Density, Specific Gravity, API GravityASTM D1298-85
Flash Point (Abel Close Cup)IP 170/94
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup)ASTM D92-90
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens Closed Cup)ASTM D93-94
Kinematic Viscosity 40°CASTM D445-94
Kinematic Viscosity 100°CASTM D445-94
Pour PointASTM D97-93
Viscosity Index (by Calculation)ASTM D2270-93
Volatility Characteristics (Distillation)ASTM D86-93
Water Content (Distillation Method)ASTM D95-83
Dynamic Viscosity/Rheological PropertiesIn-House Method
Middle Distillation Fuels, Lubricating Oil And Crude OilsWax Appearance TemperatureIP 389 / 90
Polymer Material & PolyolefinsEnthalpies of Fusion and CrystallizationASTM D3417-97
Transition TemperatureASTM D3418-97
Oxidative-Induction TimeASTM D3895-97
Crude Oils, Fuel Oils, Lubricating Oils and Greases (Petroleum and Petroleum Products)Sulfur in Petroleum Petroleum Products (General Bomb Method)ASTM D129-91
Chlorine in New and Used Petroleum Products (Bomb Method)ASTM D808-91
Sediment in Crude Oil and Fuel Oils By the Extraction MethodASTM D473-81