1.  Where can I submit my application for testing?

Application for testing shall be submitted to:
Laboratory Services Unit (UNIPEM)
Faculty Of Chemical And Energy Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 UTM, Johor Bahru,

2.  How much does the testing fee costs and how do I pay?

The fee is based on test methodology/standards for the product/sample. Full payment shall be made in advance before testing is conducted based on the fee indicated in the quotation. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Cheque shall be made payable to Bendahari UTM

3. How long does it take for testing?

Duration of testing will depend on test methodology/standard, which usually takes 7 working days.

4. Where do I send samples for Testing?

Samples for testing shall be submitted directly to the respective lab as indicated in the quotation.

5. How many samples should I send?

The number of samples required for testing will depend on the test methodology/standard as indicated in the quotation.

6. Can I take back the samples after the testing is completed?

7. Where do I collect my test reports?
Your result will be sent via postage, or can be collected in the UNIPEM lab.

8. Is UNIPEM lab accredited?
Yes, UNIPEM Lab is accredited by the STANDARDS MALAYSIA against ISO/IEC 17025.