About Us

Laboratory Services Unit or also known as “Unit Perkhidmatan Makmal” (UNIPEM) was established in 1994 under the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Natural Resources Engineering at that time, and Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering in the year of 2015, currently known as Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering (FCEE). UNIPEM has been granted Accreditation Certificate MS ISO/IEC G25 since 1997 and now MS ISO/IEC 17025 is under the Malaysia’s Laboratory Accreditation Scheme which otherwise mainly known as “Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia” (SAMM) by Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM), furthermore the certificate mentioned is still presently valid. Accreditation is in field of chemical testing, includes petroleum and petroleum products, polymer materials and polyolefins.

UNIPEM has obtained accreditation from the Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM), MOSTI under SAMM – SKIM AKREDITASI MAKMAL MALAYSIA:

  •   8 Dec 1997 – S1 ISO/IEC G25
  •   8 Dec 2002 – S1 ISO/IEC 17025:1999
  •   16 Mac 2007 – MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005


The processes:

  •   Adequacy Audit – Dec 1996
  •   Pre-Assessment – Jun 1997
  •   Compliance Assessment à Accreditation granted: 8/12/97
  •   Surveillance Assessments – (every year)
  •   Re-Assessments (every two years)
  •   Verification Audit à Migration to MS ISO/IEC 17205:2005


Accreditation Scope: Chemical Testing

Materials: Petroleum & Petroleum Products, Polymers, other Liquids

UNIPEM’s Activities: Lab Testing, Training.