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UNIX Internship


Ir. Dr. Zaki Yamani Programme Coordinator

What is UNIX Internship

  • UNIX: University-Industry Exchange
  • A collaboration programme between the Faculty and Industry
  • Integrating two undergraduate courses, i.e., Industrial Internship and Undergraduate Research Project as one package


  • To become one-stop centre for innovation exchange
  • To exploit faculty expertise and facilities to industries
  • To promote industrial-based undergraduate research project
  • To strengthen industry-faculty collaboration

Global Challenges

  • Industrial demand for highly qualified human capital: interpersonal leadership and technical skills
  • University must become more responsive to the current needs of the country
  • Collaborative effort between industry and the university

Our Current Practice

  • 10 weeks in-house Industrial Internship
  • Students expect the industry to provide them with learning experience
  • Tasks given only lasts for 10 weeks: one-sided, small impact
  • Companies fulfill their social responsibility


  • Companies always look forward to solve their real industrial problems
  • Solving such projects may require longer than a 10-week industrial internship

UNIX’s Approach

  • Students will be assigned with specific industrial projects that lasts for 3 semesters (1 year)
  • Aimed towards solving the real problems faced by the industries
  • Enhance the students’ competency and hands-on skills

Modus Operandi

  • Start with 10% of students who required to do Industrial Internship
  • Industry/faculty will identify relevant projects
  • Industry will be invited to co-supervise and assess students’ performance
  • Students are attached to the respective companies to conduct detailed studies
  • Semester 1: Technology screening and literature survey. Project proposal – April prior to industrial internship.
  • Semester 2: 10 weeks on-site industrial internship. Students start collecting operation data.  Progress report – June.
  • Semester 3: Technical & feasibility analyses, improvement and economic analysis. Final report – November.

Advantages to Industry

  • Highly motivated manpower
  • Useful outcome of research that beneficial to industry
  • Enhance industry-university partnership
  • Able to recruit future employees
  • Chance to pre-select top students

Benefits to Students

  • Industry-based undergraduate research project
  • Direct relation with the industry
  • Enhance competency and hands-on skills
  • A secured internship placement
  • Priority registration
  • Acknowledgement from the Faculty

Mutual Benefits

  • Enhanced image of both university and the industrial entity.
  • Enhance the value of university research.

Capitalization of Contribution

  • Industry: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Faculty: Endowment

How to Apply?

  • See the list of available projects at the Academic Office notice board.
  • Get your application form from UNIX-Internship secretariat (Dr Zaki Yamani; N01-230, 07-553 5553,
  • Pre-screening will be carried out by the respective Faculty supervisor. (Note: You may be called for an interview)

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