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Academic Programmes

When you enroll at FCEE, you place yourself in an institution that prides itself on preparing you for success upon graduation. Our undergraduate and graduate-level programs are highly regarded worldwide because we offer students a rich curriculum, leading-edge research opportunities, and access to faculty who are experts in their fields.

Chemical Engineering is a four-year undergraduate program. Throughout these years, students develop a strong foundation in chemical engineering and have the opportunity to participate in courses aimed at developing problem solving, critical thinking, team-working, and lifelong learning skills. Our department has identified a number of technical focus areas that link our teaching and research expertise and provide students with a package of courses that prepare them for specific industrial sectors and career paths.

Year 1 of the four-year undergraduate program is designed to provide a fundamental background in all areas of engineering, especially those directly related to chemical engineering field. Classroom lessons are reinforced with laboratory studies

Year 2 focuses on the fundamentals of chemical engineering: organic and analytical chemistry; heat, mass and momentum transfer; mass and energy balances; and applied engineering mathematics. It also present opportunities to develop skills in communication. Lab works are an important part of the program.

Year 3 of the chemical engineering program provides a more realistic picture and practical knowledge of chemical engineering. The fundamental courses learned earlier are “scaled up” to applications of engineering and chemistry, including hands-on learning in the laboratories. Particular emphasis is also placed on the design and economics of industrial units and processes.

Year 4 brings it all together, and lets you choose and learn specific areas of interest. Particular emphasis is placed on industrial perspective of chemical engineering, as well as on plant design and a research thesis.

Undergraduate Programme

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