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Chemical Engineering Department(JKK),
Faculty of Chemical Engineering(FKK),
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
81310 UTM Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

Room: N01-208
Phone: 607-553 5522
Fax: 607-558 1463

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Hashim Hassan obtained his PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in August 2008. He was born in Perak, Malaysia. He received his BEng(Chemical) in 1988, MEng (chemical) in 1995 and PhD in 2008. Prior to joining Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, he was a research officer at UKM, Bangi. His areas of specialization involve polymer membrane synthesis and pervaporation membrane technology. He is currently a lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is also a member of the Separation Group of Chemical Engineering Department.


He joint UTM as a tutor on June 24, 1994 and was appointed as a lecturer only in year 1995. His teaching responsibilities include teaching the basic of engineering subjects and the chemical engineering core subjects such as Strength of Material, Fluid Mechanics, Static & Dynamic, Transport Processes (Heat & Mass Transfer), Process Economy, Engineering Economy, Project Management, Separation Processes and Introduction to Engineering. Apart from that, he also has supervised the following laboratory subjects: Thermodynamics & Material Engineering Laboratory, Process Control &Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Separation I Laboratory, Separation II Laboratory and Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab. As a lecturer, he also has the opportunity to supervise the final year research for undergraduate student (PSM). PSM is actually divided into two parts that is: SKF 3812 and SKF 4814. Since in UTM, he has supervised more than 20 students up to now. In addition, he also supervised the final year design project (SKF4824). Besides teaching and supervision, he is also the academic advisor to 22 chemical engineering students starting session 2008/09. He also was appointed as an academic task force since 2004. At departmental level, he is also responsible for preparing the EAC report for accreditation since 2004. Besides teaching, he also has the opportunity to visit students during their industrial training.

Course/Workshop Attended

Bengkel Motivasi Anjuran FKKKSA, Air Keroh D’Village, Melaka, 11-15 Jun 1995.2.Kursus Induksi Umum, 1997.3.Kursus Induksi Khas, 1997.4.Kursus Kaedah Penyelidikan(SLAB) 19995.Instructional English in Engineering, June 14-18 2004, FPPSM, UTM, Skudai, Johor.6.Bengkel Motivasi JKK 2004, Desaru,Johor.7. Menghadiri Pra-Bengkel Penyediaan Dokumen Spesifikasi Program pada 12 April 2005 di Dewan Ballroom, Hotel Sofitel, Senai8.Bengkel Teaching in English di Smart Classroom pada 11 April 2005.9.Bengkel Teamworking dan Hubungan Luar JKK, Jun 2006, Melaka.10.Bengkel kecemerlangan JKK, 18-20 November, 2005, Rompin.11.Bengkel ‘Writing Course Outcomes for OBE’ FKKKSA, UTM,Skudai, Johor, 24 April, 2007.12.Bengkel Penulisan Artikel Dalam Jurnal, Sofitel Palm Resort,Senai, 11 September 2007.13.Bengkel Kualiti JKK, Melaka, 15-17 disember 2007.14.Kursus Pembelajaran Aktif, CTL,2008.15.Kursus Bimbingan PTK siri 2/2008, Arked Kolej 17, Pusat Latihan UTM.16.Kursus PTK siri 2/2008, Arked Kolej 17, Pusat Latihan UTM.

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