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Ir Dr Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi



Ir. Dr. Sharifah Rafidah binti Wan Alwi
Associate Professor, Director of Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Phone: +607-553 6025
Website: http://localhost/shasha/

Research Interests

  • Resource Conservation
  • Process Integration
  • Process Design and Simulation
  • Water and wastewater Minimisation, Energy Management

Latest/Selected Publication

Wan Alwi, S. R., Misman, M., Manan, Z. A. and Chuah, W. S. (2013). SePTA – A New Numerical Tool For Simultaneous Targeting And Design Of Heat Exchanger Networks. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 57: 30– 47. Impact factor: 2.091.

Wan Alwi, S. R., Mohammad Rozali, N. E., Manan, Z. A., Klemeš, J. J. (2012). A Process Integration Targeting Method for Hybrid Power Systems. Energy. 44 (1): 6-10. DOI:10.1016/ Impact factor: 3.651.

S. R. Wan Alwi, Manan, Z. A. and J. J. Klemes (2011). Recent Advanced in Resource Conservation and Planning – A review, Special Issue: Resource Conservation, Asia Pacific Chemical Engineering Journal (APJ). 6: 689–695. Impact factor: 0.797.

S. R. Wan Alwi, Manan. Z. A. (2010). STEP – A New Graphical Tool for Simulataneous Targeting and Design of Heat Exchanger Network, Chemical Engineering Journal. 162 (2010) 106–121. Impact factor: 3.473.

Wan Alwi, S. R. and Manan, Z. A. (2008). A new holistic framework for cost effective minimum water network in industrial and urban sector . Journal of Environmental Management. 88: 219-252. Impact factor: 3.057.

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