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Dr Shahrir Hashim


Dr. Shahrir bin Hashim
Associate Professor,

Department of Polymer Engineering

Phone: +607-553 5560
Website: http://localhost/shahrir/

Research Interests

  • Polymer reaction
  • Polymer synthesis

Latest/Selected Publication

Shahrir Hashim and B.W. Brooks, ‘Drop Mixing in Suspension Polymersation’, Chemical Engineering Science 57 (2002) 3703-3714

Shahrir Hashim and B.W Brooks, ’Mixing of stabilised drops in suspension polymerisation’, Chemical Engineering Science 59 (2004) 2321-2331

Chew Sau Yen, Azman Hassan and Shahrir Hashim, Mechanical and Morphological Studies of ABS/PVC Blends-Effect of PVC and ABS Grades, Journal of Industrial Technology, 12(2), 2003, 65-76.

Chew Sau Yen, Azman Hassan and Shahrir Hashim, The Effect of Blending Acrylic Grafted PVC and PVC K66 with ABS on Impact and Flexural Properties, Jurnal Teknologi,No. 39(A), Dis.2003, 107-116.

Amy Tan, Khairiyah Yusof, Shahrir Hashim, Modelling of PVC Polymerization, SOMCHE 2006 Shah Alam, 21-23 Dis 2006

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