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Dr Norasikin Othman


Dr. Norasikin binti Othman
Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Phone: +607-553 5486
Website: http://localhost/norasikin/

Research Interests

  • Solvent extraction
  • Emulsion Liquid membrane processes for metal/solute recovery from liquid waste solution.

Selected Publication

Raja Norimie Raja Sulaiman, Norasikin Othman, Nor Aishah Saidina Amin (2014); Emulsion liquid membrane stability in the extraction of ionized nanosilver from wash water solution, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 20, 3243-3250. Web of Science.

N. Harruddin, N. Othman, L. E. S. Andeline, R. N.R. Sulaiman(2015), Selective removal and recovery of Black B reactive dyefrom simulated textile wastewater using the supported liquid membrane process, Environmental Technology, 36(3). 271-280..Web of Science

Norasikin Othman, Norlisa Harruddin, Ani Idris, Zing Yi Ooi, Masahiro Goto (2014). Supported Liquid Membrane Extraction of Reactive Dye using Fabricated Polypropylene Membrane, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 47(10), 761-769 , Web of Science.

Ooi Zing Yi, Norasikin Othman, Mardhiah Mohamed, Roslina Rashid, Removal Performance of Lignin Compound from Simulated Pulping Wastewater Using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process, International Journal of Global Warming, 2014, vol 6, No 2/3, 270-283.( Web of Science).

Chan Nyuk Yan, Norasikin Othman, Ooi Zing Yi (2014), Prediction of Kraft Lignin Extraction Performance Using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Carrier-Diffusion Model, Journal Teknologi (Science and Engineering), 67:2 , 17-21 (Scopus index).

Chen Ke Xian, Norasikin Othman, Norlisa Harruddin, Nur Alina Nasruddin, Zing Yi Ooi (2014), Extraction of Lignosulfonate using TOA-Kerosene-PVDF in Supported Liquid Membrane Process, Journal Teknologi (Science and Engineering), 67:2, 59-63, (Scopus index).

Norasikin Othman, Ooi Zing-Yi, Norlisa Harruddin, Raja Norimie, Norela Jusoh, Siti Nazrah Zailani (2014), Carrier Assisted Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process for Recovery of Basic Dye from Wastewater using Continuous Extractor, Journal Teknologi (Science and Engineering), 67:2, 69-74, (Scopus index).

Norasikin Othman, Zing Yi Ooi & Norlisa Harruddin, Selection of Liquid Membrane Component for Lignosulfonate Removal from Liquid Waste Solution using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process, Journal of Applied Membrane Science and Technology, Vol 14, 2011,1-8.

.Othman, N., Zailini, S. N., and Mili, N. (2011). Recovery of Synthetic Dye from Simulated Wastewater Using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process Containing Tri-dodecylamine as a Mobile Carrier. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Vol 198, 2011,103-112. Web of Science.

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