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Dr Hanapi Mat

hanapimat102Dr. Hanapi Mat
Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Phone: +607-553 5590
Website: http://localhost/hbmat

Research Interests

  • Separation Processes
  • Waste Treatment
  • Adsorbent Development and Applications
  • Utilization and Recycling
  • Enzyme Technology and Applications

Latest/Selected Publication

Norasikin Othman, Masahiro Goto, and Hanapi Mat, Solvent Extraction of Metals From Liquid Photographic Waste Using Acidic Extractants, Jurnal Teknologi, 42, 25-34 (2005).

Mat H.B. and D.C. Stuckey, Protein Extraction Using Reverse Micelles: Dependency of Protein Transfer on Solvent Polarity, 6th Asian Chemical Congress and 11th Philippine Chemistry Congress, Manila, May 22-55, 1995.

Mat H.B. and D.C. Stuckey, Solubilisation Capacity of Water in Aerosol Reverse Micelle: Correlation With Solvent Polarity, 10th International Symposium on Surfactant in Solution, Caracas, Venezuela, June 26-30, 1994.

Mat H.B., Z. Zakaria and S.B. Hashim, A Critical Review on Risk Assessment and Management in Gas Pipeline Industry, Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering, Songhkla, Thailand, November 22-24, 1999.

Firas N.R., Mat H.B. and Zakaria Z., Adsorptive Natural gas Storage: Drawback, Possibilities and Future, Ragional Symposium in Chemical Engineering, Bandung, Indonesia, September 29 – October 1, 2001.

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