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Dr Azila Abd Aziz

Dr. Azila binti Abd. Aziz
Associate Professor

Department of Bioprocess Engineering

Phone: +607-553 5525
Website: http://localhost/azila/

Research Interests

  • Biosensor technology
  • Biomaterials for encapsulation of active materials
  • Insect cell culture and protein purification

Latest/Selected Publication

A A Azila., Barbari T and P Searson, Poly(vinyl alcohol) : a potential matrix for glucose oxidase immobilization, The Medical Journal of Malaysia , Vol 59, Supplement B, 2004, 51-52.

Clarence Ongkudon, Badarulhisam Abdul Rahman and Azila Abd. Aziz, Optimization of critical medium components for the expression of recombinant human transferring in insect cells baculoviris system, Jurnal Teknologi, 45(F), Dis 2006: 19-30.

Norhana Jusoh and Azila Abdul-Aziz, Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase/Ferrocene Carboxylic Acid in Composite Silica Sol-Gel/Cross-linked Poly(vinyl Alcohol)/Nafion Membrane, Proceedings of the 20th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers, pp29-34, 2006.

Norhana Jusuh and A Abdul Aziz, Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase and Ferrocene Redox Polymer in cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol) with bovine serum albumin as Protein Stabilizer, Proceedings of Regional Postgraduate Conference on Engineering and Science (RPCES 2006), pp 533-537, 2006.

Wong Fui Ling and Azila Abd. Aziz, Immobilization of glucose oxidase on poly(vinyl alcohol): The effect of immobilization temperature on apparent enzyme activity, Proceedings of the National Postgraduate Colloquim, pp 272-276, 2004.

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