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Dr. Mohd Ariffin bin Abu Hassan

Dr. Mohd Ariffin bin Abu Hassan
Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Phone: +607-553 5580
Website: http://localhost/mariffin

Research Interests

  • Wet Air Oxidation Treatment for Industrial Wastewater
  • Chemical Precipitation and Electrochemical Precipitation Treatments for Electroplatting Wastewater
  • Integrated Chemical-Biological Treatment for Industrial Wastewaters

Latest/Selected Publication

Papadaki, M., Emery, R., Abu Hassan, M.A., Bustos, A.D., Metcalfe, I.S., Mantzavinos, D. ” Sonocatalytic oxidation processes for the removal of contaminants containing aromatic rings from aqueous effluents”, Separation and Purification Tech.(Elsevier), 34, 35-42, 2004

Abu Hassan, M.A., Kim, J.K., Metcalfe, I.S., Mantzavinos, D. ” Kinetics of low frequency sonodegradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate solutions”, Chemosphere (Elsevier), 62, 749-755, 2006

Abu Hassan, M.A., Mantzavinos, D, Metcalfe, I.S. ” Wet Air Oxidation and ultrasound treatment for the removal of linear alkyl benzene sulphonates from wastewater:the beneficial role of catalysis” , Topic in Catalysis, 33(1-4), 141-148, 2005

Abu Hassan, M.A., Mantzavinos, D., Metcalfe, I.S. “Ultrasound-assisted oxidation processes for the removal of phenolic contaminants from aqueous effluents”, Waste Management, 2002

Abu Hassan, M.A., Kim, J.K., Metcalfe, I.S. “Mechanism and kinetics of Wet Air Oxidation of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonates”, 3rd International Conference on Oxidation Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Goslar, Germany, 2003

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