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Associate Professor

Details Research Area
Adnan bin Ripin
Tel.: 607-553 5569
Fax: 607- 558 1463
Ultrasonic wave on vapor-liquid equilibrium, Microwave spray dryer system for bio separation, Distillation Processes
hanapimat102 Dr. Hanapi Mat
Tel.: 607-553 5590
Fax: 607-558 1463
Separation Processes, Waste Treatment, Utilization and Recycling, Enzyme Technology and Applications. Adsorbent Development and Applications
Dr. Khairiyah binti Mohd Yusof
Email :
Phone : 607-553 7776
Fax : 607-553 7592
Process modeling, simulation, control and optimization, Application of artificial neural network in modeling chemical systems
 ramlimat102 Dr. Ramli bin Mat
Phone: 607-553 5567 / 607-5535510
Fax: 607-55881664
Catalyst and reaction engineering, Biodiesel, Biofuel
 bob_0031-150x150 Dr. Mohamed Wijayanuddin bin Ali
Phone: 607-553 5602
H/p : 6013-7273652
Occupational safety and health, Process Safety And Loss Prevention
dr-zainura-150x100 Dr. Zainura binti Zainon Noor
Phone: 607-553 5485
Fax: 607-5581463
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and GHGs Inventories and Reduction Optimization, Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis
norasikin-150x150 Dr. Norasikin binti Othman
Phone: 607-553 5561
Fax: 607-558 1463
Solvent extraction and Emulsion Liquid membrane processes for metal/solute recovery from liquid waste solution.
aisyah102 Dr. Aishah binti Abdul Jalil
Phone: 607-553 5581
Fax: 607-553 6165
Electrochemical, Synthesis of Advanced Materials, Photocatalysis, Adsorption for Green Environmental and Drug Delivery System, Heterogeneous Solid Acid/Base Catalysis
ariffin102m-102x100 Dr. Mohd Ariffin bin Abu Hassan
Phone: 607-553 5580
Fax: 607-553 6165
Wastewater treatment
azizi102-102x100 Dr. Mohd Azizi bin Che Yunus
Phone: 607-553 5647/553 5797
Fax: 607-5535628
Extraction, separation and isolation of active compounds from local herbs/malay appetizers/palm oil through process of supercritical fluid extraction
haslenda-102x100 Dr. Haslenda binti Hashim
Phone: 607-553 5478
Fax: 607-558 8166
Process planning/scheduling, modeling, simulation and optimization, Process Analysis and Improvement, Renewable Energy
dr-shasha-150x100 Ir. Dr. Sharifah Rafidah binti Wan Alwi
Phone: 607-5536025
Fax: 607-5588166
Resource Conservation, Process Integration, Process Design and Simulation, Water and wastewater Minimisation, Energy Management
Details Research Area
azila102 Dr. Azila binti Abd. Aziz
Phone: 607-553 5525
Fax: 607-558 1463
Biosensor technology, biomaterials for encapsulation of active materials, insect cell culture and protein purification
firdausi102m-102x100 Dr. Firdausi bin Razali
Phone: 607-553 35494
Fax: 607-558 1463
Scale up of Fermentation & Bioreactor Operation, Bioseparation
adibah102 Dr. Fadzilah @ Adibah binti Abdul Majid
Phone: 607-553 5513
Fax: 607-558 1463
Mammalian Cell Culture Technology, Protein Glycosylation, Protein Extraction from Plant and Animal based Materials
lct102 Dr. Lee Chew Tin
Phone: 07-553 5594
Fax: –
Microbial & Metabolite Profiling of Soil Microorganism for Sustainable Crop Production, Waste Management and Bioremediation
roslina-102x100 Dr. Roslina binti Rashid
Phone: 607-553 5477
Fax: 607-558 1463
Enzyme reaction, artificial intelligence – neural network and genetic algorithm, software sensor, simulation and modeling
Details Research Area
aizan-102x100 Dr. Wan Aizan binti Wan Abdul Rahman
Phone: 607-553 5576
Fax: 607-558 1463
Polymer Blends ,Grafting & Biopolymers
hanizam Hanizam bin Sulaiman
Tel.: 607-553 5575
Fax: 607-556 6164
Renewal Fuel from Plastics Waste and MSW, Plastics Recycling and Resource Conservation, Laboratory System Design
dr-shahrir-150x100 Dr. Shahrir bin Hashim
Phone: 607-553 5560
Fax: 607-558 1463
Polymer reaction, polymer synthesis
dr-razak-150x100 Dr. Abdul Razak bin Rahmat
Phone: 607-553 5586/5909
Fax: 607-558 1463
Microwave technology for polymer, polymer processing and rheology, natural fibre composites
hussin102 Dr. Hussin bin Mohd Nor
Phone: 607-553 5478
Fax: 607-558 1463
Rubber and latex technology
kjkr Dr. Aznizam bin Abu Bakar
Phone: 607-553 5585
Fax: 607-558 1463
Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch fiber Poly (vinyl chloride) composites. PVC natural fibre technology, polymer blend, polymer composites
matuzir-150x100 Dr. Mat Uzir Wahit
Phone: +607-553 5909
Fax: +607-558 1463
Natural fibre composite materials, rubber-toughened polymers, polymer nanocomposites and polymer for biomedical application

Department of Energy Engineering

dr.azeman Assoc. Prof Dr. Azeman Mustafa
 dr.sozana Assoc. Prof Dr. Khairul Sozana Nor bt. Kamarudin
 hafiz Assoc. Prof Dr. Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan b. Othman
 noorshaw Assoc. Prof Dr. Noor Shawal b. Nasri
 rafiziana Assoc. Prof Dr. Rafiziana Binti Md Kasmani List of expertise: Fire engineering and simulation, gas and dust explosion, venting and suppression system, process safety management (PSM), Hazard analysis and risk assessment
 dr.zz1 Assoc. Prof Dr. Zainal Bin Zakaria
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