Year 2018 Publication

  1. A.A. Jalil*, A.S. Zolkifli, S. Triwahyono, A.F.A. Rahman, N.N.M. Ghani, M.Y.S. Hamid, F.H. Mustapha, S.M. Izan, B. Nabgan, and A. Ripin, Altering dendrimer structure of fibrous-silica-HZSM5 for enhanced product selectivity of benzene methylation, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2018) in press (Q1, IF3.141)
  2. N.N.M. Ghani, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, M.A.A. Aziz, A.F.A. Rahman, M.Y.S. Hamid, S.M. Izan, and M.G.M. Nawawi, Tailored mesoporosity and acidity of shape-selective fibrous silica beta zeolite for enhanced toluene co-reaction with methanol, Chemical Engineering Science (2018) in press (Q1, IF3.306)
  3. A.A. Fauzi, A.A. Jalil*, M. Mohamed, S. Triwahyono, N.C.W. Jusoh, A.F.A. Rahman, N. S. Hassan, N. F. Khusnun and H. Tanaka, Altering fiber density of cockscomb-like fibrous silica–titania catalysts for enhanced photodegradation of ibuprofen, Journal of Environmental Management 227 (2018) 34-43 (Q1, IF4.005)
  4. S.Triwahyono, N. Salamun, A.A. Jalil*, S.M. Izan, H.D. Setiabudi and D. Prasetyoko, “Zirconium-loaded Mesostructured Silica Nanoparticles Adsorbent for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solution”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2018) in press (Q1, IF3.141)
  5. M.S.M. Yusof, A.A. Jalil*, A. Ahmad, S. Triwahyono, M.H.D. Othman, T.A.T. Abdullah, M.L. Firmansyah, H.D. Setiabudi, A. Johari, W. Nabgan, “Effect of Pt–Pd/C coupled catalyst loading and 1 polybenzimidazole ionomer binder on oxygen reduction reaction in high-temperature PEMFC”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2018) in press(Q1, IF4.229)
  6. A.A. Abdulrasheed, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, M.A.A. Zaini, Y. Gambo, M. Ibrahim, “Surface modification of activated carbon for adsorption of SO2 and NOX: A review of existing and emerging technologies”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 94 (2018) 1067-1085 (Q1, IF9.184)
  7. F.F.A. Aziz, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, M. Mohamed, “Controllable structure of fibrous SiO2–ZSM-5 support decorated with TiO2 catalysts for enhanced photodegradation of paracetamol”, Applied Surface Science 455 (2018) 84-95 (Q1, IF4.439)
  8. M.Y.S. Hamid, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil*, N.W.C. Jusoh; S.M. Izan, T.A.T. Abdullah, “Tailoring the Properties of Metal Oxide Loaded/KCC-1 toward a Different Mechanism of CO2 Methanation by in Situ IR and ESR”, Inorganic Chemistry 57 (2018) 5859–5869 (Q1, IF4.700)
  9. N.S. Hassan, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, N.F. Khusnun; S.M. Izan, K.Kidam, A. Johari, “Synergistic effect of microwave rapid heating and weak mineralizer on silica-stabilized tetragonal zirconia nanoparticles for enhanced photoactivity of Bisphenol A”, Journal of Molecular Liquids 261 (2018) 423–430 (Q1, IF4.513)
  10. Y.Gambo, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Abdulrasheed, “Recent advances and future prospect in catalysts for oxidative coupling of methane to ethylene: A review”, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 59 (2018) 218-229 (Q1, IF4.841)
  11. C.N.C. Hitam, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, A.F.A Rahman, N.S. Hassan, N.F. Khusnun, S.F. Jamian, C.R. Mamat, W. Nabgan and A. Ahmad, “Effect of carbon-interaction on structure–photoactivity of Cu doped amorphous TiO2catalysts for visible-light-oriented oxidative desulphurization of dibenzothiophene”, Fuel  216 (2018) 407-417 (Q1, IF4.908)
  12. N.F. Khusnun, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, C.N.C. Hitam, N.S. Hassan, F. Jamian, W. Nabgan, T.A.T. Abdullah,  M.J. Kamaruddin and D. Hartanto, Directing the amount of CNTs in CuO−CNT catalysts for enhanced adsorption-oriented visible-light-responsive photodegradation of p-chloroaniline, Powder Technology 327 (2018) 170-178 (Q1, IF3.230)
  13. N.S. Hassan, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, C.N.C. Hitam, A.F.A. Rahman, N.F. Khusnun; C.R. Mamat, M. Asmadi, M. Mohamed, M.W. Ali, D. Prasetyoko, “Exploiting copper-silica-zirconia cooperative interactions for the stabilization of tetragonal zirconia catalysts and enhancement of the visible-light photodegradation of bisphenol A”, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 82 (2018) 322–330 (Q1, IF3.849)
  14. Y.A.Alhamdani, M.H. Hassim*, S.M. Shaik, A.A. Jalil, “Hybrid tool for occupational health risk assessment and fugitive emissions control in chemical processes based on the source, path and receptor concept”, Process Safety and Environmental Protection 118 (2018) 348–360 (Q1, IF3.441)
  15. S.N. Bukhari, C.C. Chong, L.P. The, D-V.N. Vo, N.Ainirazali, S. Triwahyono, A.A. Jalil, H.D. Setiabudi*, “Promising hydrothermal technique for efficient CO2 methanation over Ni/SBA-15”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2018) 1–13 (Q1, IF4.229)
  16. M.Arif Ab Aziz*, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, “Characterization of iron-doped mesoporous silica nanoparticles for CO2 methanation”, Malaysian Journal of Catalysis 3 (2018) 43-47.
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  18. N.A.A. Fatah, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, “Platinum and Molybdenum Oxide Supported on Mesostructured Silica Nanoparticles for n-Pentane and Cyclohexane Isomerization”, Journal of Energy and Safety Technology 1 (2018) 24-30.
  19.  N.K.A. Jalil, U.A. Asli*, H. Hashim, A.A. Jalil, A. Ahmad, A.K. Khamis, “Biohydrogen Production from Pineapple Biomass Residue using Immobilized Co-culture of Clostridium sporogenes and Enterobacter aerogenes”, Journal of Energy and Safety Technology 1 (2018) 51-57.

2018 Eid Mubarak

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Newcomer Sept 2018

Welcome Faz, Miya, Raji, Waida & Afiq !!!   … [Continue reading]

Year 2017 Publication

F.H. Mustapha, A.A. Jalil, M. Mohamed, S. Triwahyono, N.S. Hassan, N.F. Khusnun, C.N.C. Hitam, A.F.A. Rahman, L. Firmanshah, A.S. Zolkifli, New insight into self-modified surfaces with defect-rich rutile TiO2 as a visible-light-driven … [Continue reading]


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2017 Eid Mubarak!

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New Patent : Magnetite Nanoparticle

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New Patent : Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticle

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Workshop on CO2 Capture and Utilization

KL, 6-8 Feb 2017 … [Continue reading]

3rd Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference

Bali, 22-25 Jan 2017 Prof J. Lercher, Prof Sugeng (UTM) and Dr Suendo (ITB)   … [Continue reading]